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The most popular ways to prepare radishes are to serve them raw, halved, and sprinkled with salt, shaved into salads, layered over baguettes smeared with butter, or shred into slaws. Additionally, they can be pickled in a traditional vinegar-sugar-salt mixture or marinated in olive oil with lemon and mint for a light salad. White radishes can be prepared in both cooked and raw forms. In salads and slaws, as a side dish for summer picnics, or thinly sliced and pickled for sandwiches that need a pick-me-up, raw daikon works well. Daikon radishes can be used in the same ways as carrots. Test them in stir-fries, stews, and soups that are baked or boiled. You could also try lightly steaming them with flavorings like salt, lemon juice, or olive oil.


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