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While comparable to cinnamon in aroma and quality, cassia is a stronger and better-quality bark. The corky, thicker, and coarser bark of cassia is frequently left intact. The inner bark of a tropical tree produces the flavorful spice known as cassia. It twists into quills when dried, and these quills are used to give sweet dishes like poached fruit a damp, distinct flavor and scent. Compared to whole sticks, it has a stronger scent. Chemicals in cassia cinnamon have the potential to increase insulin sensitivity, which may help diabetics better control their blood sugar levels. Cinnamaldehyde is also present. This substance could aid in the battle against germs and fungus. Any spicy food can benefit from the flavoring of cassia bark. For instance, you may add a stick of bark to the skillet when stir-frying or add it to the cooked Basmati rice. chunks of large cassia bark.


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