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Non Wovens

Nonwoven fabrics are widely employed in the creation of both single-use (or disposable) clothing as well as long-lasting apparel, with prominent market segments including protective clothing, garment linings, interlinings, waddings, shoe linings, and synthetic leather fabrics. In the medical industry and other fields that require protection against biological hazards, nonwovens are widely employed. They offer vital safety features like immunity to viruses and diseases. In addition to other disposable items including wipes, feminine hygiene products, incontinence pads, surgical and medical examination gowns, and masks, nonwoven textiles are also employed in these products. The resilience, better absorbency, washability, and bacterial protection of non-woven fibers are only a few of its many benefits. Non-woven materials can also be customized to improve particular qualities like liquid repellency, impact resistance, flame retardancy, electrical insulation, and thermal insulation.

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